GCP Resource Management

Resource Hierarchy


Budgets (soft limit)

Budget alerts only give indications of resource consumption. It does not throttle them if they exceed the alert.

Quota (hard limit)

Quotas are maximum limits to resources you might have. They typically fall in three categories. If you create resources or use resources that exceed these limits, they will be curtailed. This acts as a safety net for malicious attacks or accidents.

  • Number of resources per project (e.g. 15 VPC networks per project)
  • Rate limiting or curtail API requests (e.g. max 5 admin requests per min for Cloud Spanner)
  • Regional quotas (e.g. max 24 CPUs per region)

Resource Allocation (hard limit - technical)

One can additionally put limits on resources by selecting the max of certain resources. For example, for container instances, set a max of how many you want to run.

Labels vs. Tags

Labels are a way to organize resources across Google Cloud

  • Disks, image, snapshots…
  • User-defined strings in key-value format
  • Propagated through billing

Tags are applied to instances only

  • User-defined strings
  • Tags are primarily used for networking (applying firewall rules)

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